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((So my external hard drive has officially gone to the crapper. I’m gonna be starting new LPs to replace the old ones because I don’t want to have to replay all the way up to where I was. One of the LPs is already decided, but I was letting my fans have a bit of input on what my other one would be. I know probably none of you watch my videos, but here’s the poll anyway incase you want to help decide a game. ))

Yeah, I’ve been kinda neglecting this account with how much I’ve been on my RP account (having a lot of fun there :) ), but I though I’d reblog this here since it’s more likely I’ll have someone who watches my videos following this blog than my RP blog. So get voting, because the sooner I decide on an LP, the sooner I can make the art I need for the thumbnails, and the sooner I can actually start the LP (once my mum buys a new external hard drive).

Sorry about not being online very often! I’ve been doing stuff on my RP blog and just generally having fun over there. :3

I think I might end up doing the opposite of what I used to, and I’ll end up getting online here later in the day when a lot of the fandomstuck muns have gone to sleep. Okay? :)


From hikaruaikawa.

1) Do you speak more than one language? Which one or ones?

I used to speak a bit of Dutch and Japanese, but I don’t remember much. Just bits and pieces.

2) Do you play an instrument? If not, which one would you like to play?

I used to play piano.

3) RPGs or platformers? (In case you don’t like videogames, tell me about your hobby.)

RPGs, although I haven’t played that many. I’m just bad at platformers so it frustrates me when I keep failing.

4) Favourite Disney movie?

Does Finding Nemo count? It’s Disney Pixar, so I think it counts. Finding Nemo.

5) All right, every single person on Earth has a favourite Pokemon. Which one is yours? (Mine is Togekiss, by the way.)

Charmander. Come to think of it, why do I have a Squirtle plushie and not a Charmander one?

6) Do you cry easily?

Yep. Yeeeeeeeep.

7) What’s your pet’s name? Or, what would it be if you had one?

I had several fish, and they had really stupid names. The only one I remember was a spotted fish called Leopard.

8) Preferred area of knowledge? (Science, humanities, engineering, languages…)

Where does computer stuff fall under? Is that a separate thing like IT? Does that count? Otherwise science.

9) Do you like your voice?


10) What are your opinions on the horror genre? Movies, videogames, books, whatever.

I don’t like scary things. ;w;

11) Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

You mean the people from Friends? I dunno.

Not passing this on, I know how annoying these get. Also I don’t have any questions to ask.

Well then. These are some interesting enemies I’ve designed. Who knows when I’ll end up photoshopping them and uploading them.

They’re called the Shadows by the way. Like the Heartless and the Nobodies, the Shadows. I’m aware that’s the name of the mook heartless. I didn’t realise when I named them that.

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